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e are a small kennel located in Kitsap County, WA, which is just a short ferry ride from Seattle.  We have loved Akitas for more than 20 years, and have been involved with the breed on many levels including conformation, obedience, rally, specialty as well as specialty and all breed club memberships. In this time, we have learned a good deal about this great breed and are happy to share our knowledge.  The Akita is a proud, loyal breed that is not for everyone but, can be a very rewarding experience. 
The Akitas at Ursa Major are bred infrequently and they are health tested. We believe in breeding a sound mind and structured Akita which match the standard and are able to compete in performance events as well.  We strive to produce solid structure and outstanding temperaments both in and out the show ring.   We invite you to browse our site and meet our Akitas.


Tom Knoebel
Port Orchard, WA
mail:  moses8390@aol.com